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If you wish to have a good SEO or SEM positioning in Bizkaia, we can help you achieve it. We are experts in search engine optimization.
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SEO and SEM for search engine positioning

Having quality web positioning guarantees prime location in search results for your website. When users search for products or services in your sector on the internet your website will occupy the first positions.

SEO positioning is vital, regardless of the type of website you have. If it is accompanied by a correct SEM strategy it can be an important key to achieving the success of your business.

At LoDigitalizo we have SEO and SEM consultants who perfectly understand how search engines work. They know how Google works and what may be the most appropriate strategy for each case.

We design your SEO campaign in a customized way, we study the most advanced positioning strategy, and we prepare the necessary content to fit your needs.

We are professionals in giving visibility to your company and we do it with close and personal treatment.

Whatever your business, we guarantee an optimal result.

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Our process

analisis del proyecto de posicionamiento

1. Project analysis

We evaluate which are the points of interest and the most searched topics of your website, to define a correct strategy and work on it.

benchmark de la competencia posicionamiento

2. Benchmark study

To correctly position your website, it’s important to know who your main competitors are and thus see your position in the market.

analisis tecnico de posicionamiento web

3. Technical analysis

We go into the more technical part of your project to assess possible changes or indexing problems.

analisis del contenido de la web

4. Content analysis

We analyze the existing content of your website and assess its improvement.

keyword research busqueda de palabras clave

5. Keyword research

We carry out a study of new keywords to generate content that attracts user interest.

Desarrollo de estrategia seo

6. SEO strategy development

Once all the previous information has been analyzed, we develop a tailored strategy to achieve your project’s success.

optimizacion sem en buscadores

7. SEM optimization in search engines

We will carry out ad campaigns so that your website achieves a high conversion at the lowest possible cost.

What we guarantee

In case of carrying out an SEO strategy

Thanks to the execution of the different technical and content tasks, we will ensure that your website has a better reputation in terms of search engine positioning.

Achieving better performance and upload by correctly optimizing your websites content and structure.

We will increase the number of clicks/impressions in the search results with respect to your current situation.

An increase in web traffic, that is an increase in the number of users who visit it, is a direct consequence of a better organic positioning.

As a result of the previous processes, we will achieve your website’s final objective: an increase in income or conversion of what you offer on it.

posicionamiento seo de paginas web (1)
posicionamiento sem de paginas web (1)

What we guarantee

In case of carrying out a SEM strategy

We will increase the percentage of clicks users make with respects to the impressions that your page has.

Thanks to the investments made in the SEM campaigns, an increase in traffic to your website will be achieved.

As a result of increased web traffic, the website’s visibility will improve therefore resulting in increased conversion.


SEO and SEM jointly recommended

In LoDigitalizo we recommend assessing the use of both strategies to obtain optimal results within a reasonable period of time. However, we must evaluate each case independently.

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Let us know what you need, and we will provide the best solution.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Answers to questions you have most likely
asked yourself

Yes, we do! At LoDigitalizo we position businesses or companies from any city or country, having worked with a variety of sectors and oriented to a different target audience.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It consists of improving the position of a website in the main internet search engines.
It’s an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. It’s a method of digital positioning where means of payment are used to position websites on the Internet.
It guarantees that your page receives quality visits that become leads. If you are looking to generate business on the Internet it is important that you have a well-defined web positioning strategy.
None is better than the other since they are different, and their use will depend largely on the business you want to position as well as the existing competitors.

In any case, what is mostly recommended and gives the best results is to combine both strategies so that they complement each other.
It is not indispensable and yet it is especially important. Positioning trends change with high frequency. There are blogs and websites with thousands or millions of visits without being excessively fast. None the less, it is proven that an optimized website has better long-term positioning possibilities than that of an unoptimized website with the same characteristics.
This agency has over 10 years’ experience in digital content creation. During this time, we have stood out from our competitors by offering high-quality tailored solutions, specializing in SEO and SEM positioning.