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Having a good web design in these times has become an indispensable requirement for any business.

At LoDigitalizo we are aware of this, so we merge good web design and development, optimizing all the necessary resources so that your business becomes visible and thus be able to reach your target audience.

Our 10 years of experience allow us to develop and design any custom web page. We have designed all types of pages: from corporate websites to online stores or e-commerce shops.

All our websites are created from scratch, using CMS and Wordpress, which is the world’s number 1 platform for webpage design.

Desarrollo Diseño Web

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Let us know what you need, and we will provide the best solution.

Passion and Professionalism

Our process

Professional webpage creation services tailored to your company’s needs. We adapt to your objectives and needs.

analisis del proyecto diseño web

1. Project analysis
(Free quotation)

We perform an in-depth study of your business, and we evaluate your competitions impact.

preparacion de la propuesta diseño web

2. Proposal

We define the main objectives, web architecture, content adequacy and design proposal.

desarrollo e implementacion web

3. Development, web implementation and design

We develop your customized web page with CMS and Wordpress.

elaboracion de mockups en web

4. Mockup elaboration

We improve your company’s image to give identity to your brand.

vinculacion de redes sociales

5. Social Media integration

We manage the creation and linking of your social media platforms to your website.

configuracion de email corporativo

6. Corporate email configuration

We provide a professional email account at your disposal which will facilitate contact with your users.

subida y puesta en marcha del servidor

7. We set up the domain and web hosting/server and upload your web page

We take care of your website.

configuración del certificado ssl

8. Configuration and SSL security certificate installation

We limit the computer vulnerability to the maximum, enabling a secure certificate.

configuracion de google analytics y search console

9. Google Analytics and Search Console configuration

We prepare your data analysis and study tools to get to know your customer’s behavior.

optimizacion seo en páginas web

10. Maintenance, SEO, and optimization (Optional)

We propose a complete strategy that will make your business grow continuously.

Your dreams, our objective

What do we guarantee?

We work with CMS that will make your business take off. We digitize your idea and make it come true.

The website is adapted to all devices, including any type of phone, tablet, or computer.

We have a unique design style adapted to your tastes and needs. We listen to your proposal and make it come true.

You will gain maximum notoriety on the most important platforms, thanks to a direct link between your website and the most widely used networks.

We know the importance of starting your business, so we will adjust to the established times to give a quality result in record time.

We will make your users enjoy an attractive and well-structured website. An essential aspect to ensure that they find what they are looking for.

We create a fast website that rapidly loads, along with an in-depth study to start with correct positioning of your website in search engines. This is undoubtedly the key to the success of your business!

You will have the ability to edit, add and delete content whenever you want, without having to rely on an expert technician.

We guarantee fast pages that are invulnerable to security breaches. This will generate trust for both you and your users.

High Quality Projects

Initial SEO and a well-defined strategy included

All our projects include a keyword research to assure the correct usage and positioning of web pages, attractive titles, meta descriptions, alternative texts, and image tags. In short, everything you need for a good start to setting up your business.

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Let us know what you need, and we will provide the best solution.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Answers to questions you have most likely
asked yourself

No. In LoDigitalizo we work with companies and businesses from anywhere in the world, regardless the sector and target audience you want to address.
We are a professional company with years of experience in this market. We stand out by offering high-quality specialized services.
It’s essential that the website is eye-catching, intuitive, and easy to navigate. By doing this, users will feel more comfortable and visit your site more frequently, generating an increase in the probability of sale.
We develop all web pages from scratch on the Wordpress platform, the optimal and most widely used CMS at a global level. With this, we guarantee that your website has an attractive and easy-to-use design.
It’s something that should go without saying, but we like to confirm it. At LoDigitalizo, we ensure website development with fully responsive designs. Consequently, you can enjoy efficient navigation from any electronic device.
Primarily, you need to clarify what you want to offer and provide us with some basic ideas. After this, our technical gets to work on developing your website based on your preferences.
Absolutely! The main objective of a website is to enhance the brand of a company or business. We will create a proper image and design that transmit the values and vision your business represents.