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Copywriting is essential in digital marketing and writing strategies for ads, assuming that in great occasions, there is an increase in sales of a company’s products or services. 

At LoDigitalizo, we know that becoming a copywriter means attracting, persuading and bringing the brand closer to consumers. That is why our copywriters convey the desired information through a series of advanced techniques with which they will be able to highlight your company’s branding.

Additionally, we are aware that for a text to become visible on the internet, it is very important to take into account search engine optimization [SEO]. Regarding this, our creative team will be able to generate useful and optimized content so that Google can give it the relevance and authority it requires.

If you want to internationalize your company and reach people who speak other languages, it is very likely that you will need a professional translation service.

Regardless of whether your page is in one, two or more languages, having a translation agency is always a great support to reach a much wider market.

Although today’s internet translators are quite advanced, they don’t convey the messages in an attractive and clear way for the reader. At LoDigitalizo, we work with copywriters who offer native language translation services; so whatever your language of interest is, we can offer you the service!

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What copywriting services do we offer?

We work on different types of copywriting, adapting to your needs and that of your targeted audience.

Direct response y Copy web

Direct Response and Web Copy

Brand copywriting

Brand copywriting

Email copywriting

Email copywriting

Redaccion para redes sociales

Social media copywriting

Descripcion de productos

Product description

SEO copy

SEO Copy


What translation services do we offer?

If your goal is to reach an international audience, we have your solution. We are an expert agency with native translators.

Traduccion de contenido web

Website content translation

This is one of the most demanded translation services of our agency, which consists of translating any type of website content.

Traduccion juridica

Legal translation

Legal and administrative translation service: contracts, commercial agreements, decrees and other legal documents of interest.

Traduccion cientifica

Scientific translation

From thesis, to lectures, seminars, monographs, study reports, presentations and other similar documents of high complexity.

Traduccion tecnica

Technical translation

We work with any type of technical document, such as, computer, electronic, mechanical, engineering documents, or others.

Traduccion audiovisual

Audiovisual translation

We translate texts that are embodied in any online or traditional audiovisual media. From texts or subtitles for YouTube videos to translations on television, etc.

Traduccion financiera

Financial translation

We work with any type of translation related to fiscal, banking, stock market or financial activities. We also work with contracts and reports.


What do we guarantee?

Our team of copywriters and translators has extensive experience in the market, being able to assure you professional and quality work.

We are characterized for being very careful with each and every one of our clients, offering a personalized and tailored service.

We will carry out a job that meets your demands.

All of our redactions offer original and creative content that will convey the message you want to make known.

Maximum effort to attract quality traffic that can increase leads and sales of your company.

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Let us know what you need, and we will provide the best solution.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Answers to questions you have most likely
asked yourself

Of course not; we have worked with companies from different cities and countries and they trust our copywriting and translation services. Our copywriting experts allow us to work without any limitation.
Copywriting is a writing process, intended to be persuasive and is primarily sales-oriented. Although, this being the most common objective, there are different types of copywriting services that we offer and that can be oriented to different results.
A website is like a display. If its aesthetics and content are neglected, it will not have a professional appearance, thus causing an effect of rejection on all users who land on it. Consequently, you will most likely lose a potential client.
In order for us to give you a fixed quote, it is important that you be clear about the message or text to be translated/written and the number of languages ​​in which you want to do it (this last one in case you need a translation service).
Having collected this information, you can contact us in the “contact us” or “request a quotation” section and we will provide it to you without any obligation.
One of our main commitments, in addition to quality, is to offer a writing service that is 100% original and creative. We strengthen the relationship with our clients and make sure that they are fully satisfied.
Our team of professional translators is capable of meeting the linguistic needs of a wide variety of international languages: Italian, English, Chinese, Basque, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Estonian, Greek, Arabic, Japanese and more.
If you have translation requirements for languages ​​that are not on this list, you can contact us in the “contact us” section and we will be happy to offer you a solution for your project.
The time it takes to complete each of our projects is different, since it depends on the volume of the project. However, we have a great capacity to adapt, so we will establish deadlines that adapt to the current needs of your company.